Free Motion Flower Headband :: Tutorial

Free Motion Flower Headband. So lovely…!

Fabric flowers are great, aren’t they? We welcome you to these pages for fabric models, flower making videos and sewing descriptions. Braid / crocheted flowers are also great, Don’t forget them, there are great examples there too.

We have made fabric flowers a part of our sewing category, especially because we create them by sewing. But it is also possible to make fabric flowers by wrapping, binding, gluing. You think of it as a generic fabric flower making.

Rose and flower making from satin fabric, burning flower making and Videos, rose techniques from fabric, flowers from chiffon and organza fabric, all come into our interest. We know that you use fabric flowers in many places. Whether you make jewelry with hand-made flowers that look very nice as decorative, or attach them to buckles on crowns, attach them to shawls, sew them in front of your bag, what else comes to mind, right? Look what our ingenious friends have made with the fabric of flowers, both inside and you get an idea.

Hello, everyone. I’ll give you a rose recipe that you can easily make from a ribbon. There are Rose-making stages everywhere. But this is a little different.

* We are making 3 layers of aluminum paper so that it is long and thin.
* We wrap our ribbon in foil.
* We sew an edge in the machine.
* After sewing, we remove the foil.
* We wrap the ribbon around it and give it The Shape of a Rose, I used it to decorate the pouch. You guys can do it and use it in different places.

We can easily make fabric flowers and use them in decorations. We can be brooches, we can decorate crowns, we can attach them to clothes, we can decorate bags, what’s more… the fabric in this publication has a wide range of uses. So how do you make such a fabric flower?


satin fabric
flush rope
hot silicone gun
half Pearl
Its making:

We draw and cut 5 circles of the same size. I used the base of 100G flush strings as a mold. You can make it bigger and smaller according to the size you want. You can use a plate of cups to draw and cut properly.

After drawing and cutting, we light the surrounding area with a lighter.We tie a knot at the end of our rope, start at one end of the semicircle and get tacks.

We apply the same procedures to our other circles, we shrink the Five Leaves and tie a tight knot behind him.

After applying the same process to all five circles, we combine them together to bring together the petals of the flower and sew them nicely with rope. We don’t want the strings to appear in the middle, so we stick a half Pearl in the middle with hot silicone. And our flower is ready, so you can use it any way you want.

Good luck to those who want to do it…

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