Pikolinos Hand Sewn Slip On Shoes Sandels by Pikolinos Flower Petals Ladies size…

Pikolinos Hand Sewn Slip On Shoes Sandels by Pikolinos Flower Petals Ladies size 12 42. Like new condition PIKOLINOS Shoes Sandals

We all love burning flowers, don’t we? You don’t know where to decorate with these beautiful flowers that we can easily make from organza tulles. We wanted a little guidance.

First of all, we have a short video where you can easily learn how to make these gorgeous flowers. Watch him, and you won’t be able to hold back. That’s our video. We have another video on the subject, don’t miss it too; how to decorate the frame with burning flowers.

Don’t you think this bridal bouquet, where the incineration flowers and other fabric flowers are combined, is a wonderful thing?

Decorating felt bags and wallets with burning flowers is such a good idea!

Burning flowery headbands are also wonderful, especially those with mothers and daughters.

Dressing soap with incinerating flowers? Yes, very good idea. A little lace, a little Gupta, a ribbon, a burning flower… even the most ordinary soap becomes a precious gift, a decorative item.

It’s also possible to chic gentlemen with incinerated flowers. Wow, that looks great when you put on a very fancy men’s neckline for the suits.

If you find such beautiful colors organza tulle do not miss, yapverirsiniz, they stand on the edge. It’s an idea to put it in a bowl and make it nice, right?

Of course it is possible to design necklaces with burning flowers as well. These dark blue burning flowers lined up on the ribbon and turned into a stylish necklace.

Burning flowers and other making flowers, beads, ribbons together in a fun way to have a magnificent door ornament is not even work.

Made again a decorative ornament with Crimson burning flowers. We can combine incinerating flowers with other decorative items and achieve impressive results. Here, red glass pomegranates accompanied the burning flowers.

How about making scarves out of burning flowers? E was very nice; red and purple shades of burning flowers are very good for the scarf.

We even decorate the chandelier with burning flowers and we like it very much.

Burning flowers on a mesh accessory is very good. Look how beautiful these colorful knitwear necks look with burning roses.

What about this blue heart pillow with burning flowers? Imagine how nice this pillow would look on a simple sofa.

We said headband, but we also wanted to show you how different it is with a black burning flower.

If you want to make something of yourself with the burning flowers, it’s time. We wish these examples have been mind-opening.

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